Hobbies And Mental Health

mental health first aid

hobbies and mental health I was standing upon a bright, high, polished top of a mountain where the chilled breeze beat the sun to give shower to a rocky material. I was in delight of victory, delight of leaving people behind and I thought I used to do it several times before. There a thought dawns upon me whether it is my hobby as the other people claim and I answered myself humbly yes it is. As hobby is a leisure activity that gives you a solace, embalm you after tiresome monotonous daily chores and take you in the realm of self-evaluation.

Hobbies are temperament friendly. Some like to collect coins or some try write a poem. Even on the modern father, Mr. Google Chrome, lists of 505 hobbies come in front with a single click.


mental health first aid

“I know a good many fiction writers who paint, not because they’re any good at painting, but because it helps their writing. It forces them to look at things. Fiction writing is very seldom a matter of saying things; it is a matter of showing things…Any discipline can help your writing: logic, mathematics, theology, and of course and particularly drawing. Anything that helps you to see, anything that makes you look” (Flannery O’Connor noted in her book Mystery and Manners)

J. R. R. Tolkien, the author of the beloved fantasy novels, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings wrote a letter to his future wife, Edith, telling her that he had been working on his “nonsense fairy language to its improvement. I often long to work at it and don’t let myself ’cause though I love it so it does seem such a mad hobby!” In his 1930 lecture “A secret vice,” Tolkien explained, “The making of language and mythology are related functions.


mental health first aid

Hobbies can be a cause of reduction of stressors as well as boredom of daily life therefore the selection of any kind of hobby gives a nmohsinew experience and sense of novelty, which proves profiting mental health. Not only this, it can reduce the effects of aging. The people who are clenched in the vicious circle of boring routine, menopause, burnt out of job, loneliness or rejected etc can forget the harshness of their lives in moments where they are absorbed in the essence of their special hobbies and life started seeming meaningful to them in more than one way. In the nutshell, hobbies are the source of relaxation,


mental health first aid

Motivation and evaluation. They are the resource to quench the thirst of creativity. Researches declared that the people who left name in earthly existence of bipeds are the creative one and the nourished their creativity with the spices of hobbies and profiting leisure activities. Thus the status of hobblers is unshakeable in the history or even in modern era. The promotion of opting leisure activities is highly encouraged by the people and the honorable readers finds delighted to have reads about them thus the consideration of their nourishment is also a necessity.

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