Top 5 Health And Fitness Tips

fitness tips

If you’re not fit and in good health, your professional, social, and personal life will suffer, and you won’t be able to enjoy any of your accomplishments, no matter how impressive. 
Fitness has more importance than ever. We (men/women) are indulging in many ways to harm our body; watching T.V for a long time, drinking, smoking, and junk food without exercise and physical work, poor sleeping routine and likewise.
Here are some fitness tips ,click for more if you will follow them you will feel self-confident, happy mood, focus, improved energy, and work productivity.

1) Right food:

fitness tips

Eating good food is the right way of living life. You have to care about the nutrients you are taking every day through meals.
Be aware by this nutrition plan table. 
Want to improve your health? Then ditch the white stuff! Because white food like bread, pasta, rice, sugar (use artificial sweeteners), flour are consist of refined carbs and they have no calories.
Avoid these white food because they lead to overweight and unfortunately, in America 68% of people were overweight as per (The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), in 2008), and it’s increased up to 77% right now According to a study of National Center for Health Statistics at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 2015-2016.

fast food options

You could have yogurt, omelet, fruit juice, or whole cereals at breakfast, soup or broth at noon, and steak or fish and veggies at dinner, with nuts, fruits, salads, or cheese string as snacks between meals. There are numerous healthy fast food options if you know what to look for and agree to trade the loaf, sauces, and fries in favor of lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumber salads and mushrooms, etc.
Focus on your food by turning off your TV and putting away your phone. Chew the food properly, if you don’t then chances of constipation will increase.

2) Portion your meal:

The basic signal your body sends to the mind is for hunger. That same noise ‘stomach growl’ tells us it’s time to eat. But before you eat, remember carefully, you have to portion your meal. Portioning meal will boost your metabolism. Portioning means you should prefer 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of 3 main meals a day. don’t let pass more than 2 to 3 hours without eating something. 
And don’t ignore the ‘stomach growl’, whenever it rings you should eat immediately. include High-fiber Foods with Each Meal you should include fiber food (raspberries, Pear, Apple with skin, Oatmeal, chia seeds and almonds, etc) with each time you eat. While eating, be slow and immediately stop your hand when the stomach will say ‘enough’. for more portioning plan please read this.

3) Befriend of water:

Water is Essential for Optimal Fitness.
Our body is consist of 60% water.
1) Water helps to maintain hydration(proper hydration prevents you from headaches and back pain).
2) It improves the digestive system. 
3) It helps the heart and breathing function properly.
4) It’s good for joint lubrication.
5) Water protects our tissues and regulates body temperature, and the list goes on and on…

how much water

The question is how much water should you drink per day? It’s really a simple question with no easy answer. Well, it depends upon age, activity levels and importantly the environment.
You can see the research of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy on it. 
The coffee, milk, tea, yogurt and whole foods you have will also help to meet your hydration target, but water should be the fluid of choice.
In brief, if your urine color is light lemonade then your intake for water is good if not to drink more water.
When you properly hydrate your body, it feels healthy, energized and functions as good as possible.

4) Have a good sleep:

fitness tips

Good Sleeping is incredibly important for your health.
Indeed, it’s as important as eating the right food and exercising or all mentioned fitness tips.
Having good sleep makes you more Concentrative and productive because it helps in problem-solving and memorizing things.
On the other hand, poor sleepers have more chances of heart attack and other heart diseases. 

Less sleeping tends to depression and increases inflammation of the digestive system.
Most important, fewer sleep effects on your social circle and interaction with people around you.
That’s why along with other fitness tips you can’t have better health without good sleep.
You should have the aim of seven hours ( minimum happy sleepy sleep. it allows your body to restore and to protect vital organ functions.

5) Exercise Daily for fitness:

fitness tips

Since childhood, we’ve all heard that “Exercise is important”. But do you know how much exercise is important? Let me tell you!
it causes to increase energy in our body, through exercise oxygen is delivered properly in an amount to the body helping to Work more efficiently.
when we exercise, our mind releases endorphins chemicals which makes you happier.
Exercise maintains blood pressure and blood circulation, which prevents heart diseases. 
It keeps you active throughout the day and you perform your daily tasks better.
Doing exercise daily makes you socialize which is most important than ever.

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